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Key Dates in Company's history













Company foundation by Adel Michael in Yverdon-les-Bains, Switzerland, and start of first plant construction.

Completion of plant and headquarters buildings.

Presentation of the world's first fully integrated and automated line for pre-recorded optical discs replication

MCL 1000. Company revenues reached 10 Mio CHF during its first year of operation.

Presentation of the world's first CD-R in-line automaded manufacturing system, the MCL 5000.

Presentation of the world's first CD-R in-line manufacturing system for mass production, the MCL 500. World market leader for recordable media manufacturing technologies and equipment with sales revenue of 40 Mio CHF.

Presentation of the world's first combined CD-R & DVD-R in-line mass manufacturing system, the MCL 600. 

Presentation of the world's first CD-RW & DVD-RW in-line manufacturing system, the MCL 800 and acquisition of a German competitor, Leybold Systems. Sales revenues reaching 80 Mio CHF.

Introduction of the first sputtering system developed in-house, the Phoenix, and record year in terms of sales revenues reaching 240 Mio CHF.

October 22, 1999, Company listing in the Swiss stock market (IPO).

Company founder divesting remaining equity selling to financial investors and exiting the optical discs equipment industry.

The new controlling investors re-oriented the 4M Technologies Group (selling industrial activities and industrial assets) towards the private aviation sector.

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